Web Is All About Learning

By Clain Dsilva November 9, 2011

Web is all about learningI began my carrier as a web developer 6 years back. The web in its real sense is an amazing platform. My friends who chose their carrier as thick application developers for windows platform was in high status and used to look down on us as web developers.

Things change in due course and the waves of web 2 coined during last 3 years. AJAX was the buzz word in the beginning. CSS and New Browsers like Chrome, Opera and their social variants took up the challenge for an open fast and cute web.

The Big “P” Send Tsunami in the Open Web Platform. You know the P’s –> PHP, Python and the very old uncle Sam Perl. It was then I deiced why don’t I taste the P’s and make room for myself in this open ocean?

The journey began since then , And when I look back, I realize that I took the right decision at the right time.

From here I will start sharing what I have learned in this short span of web carrier. Because “Sharing Is Learning”

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