Things to consider while choosing a CMS

By Clain Dsilva November 10, 2011

Things to consider while choosing a CMSI was wondering if it will be helpful to tell every one how to choose the right CMS Platform. As we all know about the big names in CMS, You are right WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. The true fact is there are about a dozen of other CMS packages available.
Most of the People listen to what others say and apparently forgetting what they want. So let us start with that first.

1) See for a package that can give you what you want and not what others says. Experiment yourself with the packages one by one. Spend some time to know that the package meets your requirements.

I remember my boss asking me to use drupal just because he found that NASA was using drupal. LOL

2) Look for the end user for which you are developing the CMS website. If he is a Pro or a Geek it makes your life easy. Else it makes their life horrible. My personal experience is that 95% of end users are common man.

The below conversation sounds familiar?

Client : How do I upload my photo?
Developer : There is a module for that.
Client: What ??

3) How secure is the data in CMS, Is there a backup option? can a layman perform the backup and restore process.?

Client : I need to have a backup copy of my website.
Company : Our backup package starts from $100 to $200. Would you like to buy our backup plan?
Client : why should I buy a backup plan?

4) Loading time is a major factor, many CMS platforms are stuffed with 101 libraries and supporting files and the website loads very slowly.

99% users don’t know what is J-query, so why do we need to complicate them with the things they don’t want?

5) Homely effect – most of you may be wondering what does that mean? Any website or blog should be friendly to the owner, he should be able to edit, able to make more than 50% modifications without depending on a developer.

In a nutshell the website owner should not feel that he is managing an “Alien” .

A CMS should do what it is named after. yes it should be able manage its contents without any difficulty.

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