Simple Event Manager using PHP & Mootools

By Clain Dsilva June 19, 2012

Event Manager Dashboard   Simple Event Manager as the name says is a simple implementation of events calender.

Inspirations and Supporting Packages.
Inspired by the very simple event list by Eric Kittal, and Moo tools Ajax calender

The Tool
Powered with PHP – MySQL back end  and Moo Tool on the frond end, this one is a nifty tool for those who love simplicity. Simple event manager is capable of storing the events with date and time. Other fields include “Event Title” and “Description” .

Event manager is comes with multi-user  log in , events are tracked and named after the user who created it.  Irrespective of the user who created it , the events are visible to all the users. Making it a tool for collaborative work environment as well .

Installation and customization

Event ManagerDownload and extract all the files , within the admin.php file you need to set the timezone,  Event manager uses PHP timezones, find yours and modify accordingly.

Sorry guys … there is no specific configuration file where you can tweak in all the settings at this time ,  Lets play arround. Next is database, you can find the sql schema inside the schema folder,  grab it and create the tables. Its a very simple straight forward sql.  Create your own user name and password entry in the “event_user” table. The fields are plain text and no encryption is implemented. Done…..!! Lets login now using the created user name and password.

Point your browser to event manager folder

You should see the log in screen now… Enjoy..!!  Feel free to modify rebuild and redistribute the code.  Its licensed under GNU for PHP code and has an MIT license for MooTools  codes [Both Open and free].

Feel free to approach me for any quires and help.

Download Simple Event Manager

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