Emotion Of a Website

By Clain Dsilva December 7, 2011

Emotion Of  A WebsiteWell I know that most of you might wonder about the title.  Does a website have an emotion?.

Last day I was in a meeting with one of my client  and a content writer.  The content writer and me brainstormed to bring up a presentable sitemap and content flow structure to the client.  After hearing us , the client asked us

  • What is the emotion of this proposed website?
  • With what emotion this website is going to approach the audience?

We did not had an answer at that time. I have been developing websites for the past few years and I never  have thought of the fact that the website do have emotions.

After thinking a lot I thought to go for a study and here are the few things that I found for a website to have Emotion.Website with emotion

  • Audience Have  Emotions – Every visitor goes to a website seeking something, say .. some need a solution,  some come for entertainment,  some are confused and so on.  A website must be intelligent to capture the emotion of the user and give him the right page / link / solution. In simple words a website should be intelligent.
  • FAST is the current Trend – Everybody wants the information in a fraction of second. If they don’t find it, they will jump to another website/ resource that can give them a quick result. Gone are the days where the website had tones of text written in 10 paragraphs. Here the website needs to be clever enough to present the date in very brief and descriptive.

A website content should be like a ” Mini Skirt”  Short enough to keep the viewer interested and long enough to cover the subject

  • Keep the audience entertained – the language and the UI can be more  playful and interactive. With the emergence of WEB 2.0 its very easily possible. The more the user interacts the more they retain. Another thing with an interactive website is that we can easily get to know what the user is expecting.

To conclude there should be a balanced emotions mixed up with the website such that the emotion of the website meets the emotion of the targeted audience. For Example : A  charity website should have the emotions of humanity and off course empathy.

website with emotion

Modern websites are representatives of an individual, Company an organization ..etc hence its vitally important for a website to have the emotion of the entity it represents.

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