Pure CSS Sticky Elements, Sticky Footer, Sticky Banner, Sticky Margin widgets

by Clain Dsilva November 10, 2012

Ever wonder how those sticky footer stays intact at the bottom of the page? And those lovely bubbles that floats over the page even while scrolling? fed up of trying Jquery and other scripts library available? Here is the quick and complete CSS solution to make any HTML elements sticky. Like my previous Post, all […]

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Pure JavaScript SlideShow

by Clain Dsilva October 30, 2012

I have been always fascinated about the slideshows, how do they make one. Well here is the basic slideshow with pure JavaScript. No frameworks are used, No chunks of codes,  Simple Slideshow with 100% pure home grown JavaScript. Demo Download Code Lets start with the HTML.

  div “show ” – this is where […]

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Animated Twitter Feed widget with Simple JavaScript

by Clain Dsilva October 28, 2012

Demo Download Code Here is a quick implementation of Twitter Feed using Simple JavaScript, No frameworks are used. Lets start with the HTML <div id=”feedWraper”> <div id=”twitterFeed”></div> <div id=”feedCache”></div> </div> “feedWraper ” holds the widget , hence its width and height should be fixed. “twitterFeed” contains all the tweets , and its will be animated […]

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Moo Bar – Bar Chart with MooTools

by Clain Dsilva July 5, 2012

Introducing Moo Bar  bar chart plugin for easy HTML bar chart creation. Features HTML friendly No canvas element required Cross browser compatible Written for  Moo tools version  1.2  and above, works fine with Moo tools 1.4. The plugin features a fully configurable moo bar class .  See the live demo here. Download Moo Bar

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JSON, JSONP , XML, RSS Feed and Google RSS to Jason API

by Clain Dsilva May 20, 2012

  Gone are days of origin policy and cross website data access. In the modern world data needs to be librated. Its one such idea that gave birth to JSON.  JSON is simply JavaScript Object  Notation and it’s a plain text data transfer method using JavaScript. Unlike XML which need a server side program to […]

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