Moo Tools for Dummies

By Clain Dsilva November 13, 2011

  Guys I was thinking about my next topic to write on, and its when I remembered that JavaScript was the most creepy thing every web developers have come across.

Web developers knows  really well that, if you are a master in JavaScript, then you can really do wonders on the web.  Ajax itself is the best example for the power of JavaScript.

Moo Tools

I would like to introduce Moo Tools as a JavaScript framework for Developers. Yes and its not really developed for designers.  And that’s the reason why most of the developers fall in love with Mootools.

JavaScript is no more a nightmare for developers, we have an OOPS enabled JavaScript framework and we call it MY OBJECT ORIENTED TOOLS [MooTools].  JavaScript as you know have a syntax more or less similar to C or C++.  Moo Tools empowers JavaScript to be object oriented.  You may be wondering how this is made possible.mootools

  • DOM is the core area where MooTools can show its power. Each HTML element is treated as an object.  Like in OOPS Objects have its own attributes, features and functions. Same way when it comes to HTML , any HTML elements have its own features like height, width , color and so on.  We can call them styles or CSS properties or simply the element attributes. So what I am trying to say is , MooTools can get access to all these portieres of an HTML element and make modifications on the fly. Its rich in OO Dom parsing libraries and handlers. Read more on Mootols DOM syntax’s..
  • Events is the heart of Moo Tools, In addition to already existing JavaScript events like ,onclick, on mouse over, double click.. etc Mootools have its own events defined to make our coding life much easier. Notable events include “domready” , “load”, “mouseenter”,”mouseleave”,”mousewheel” etc. Read more on Mootools Events.. 
  • Mootools Selectors A Mootools selector is are the functions / utilities that helps us to select a particular element. Mootools can select an element in many ways starting from id, tag name, element type, name, class name and so on.  In fact there are more than 100 ways you can access and select an element object in Mootools. Read more on Mootools Selectors..

The scope of mootools is far beyond this Article or Blog . I was just giving the glimpse for my dummy readers. Once in a while I was also a big dummy LOL. That’s all for now.  From here you can go to and rocket start your journey to Mootols Space.

Some interesting Mootools resources.

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