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By Clain Dsilva October 30, 2012

pure javascript slide showI have been always fascinated about the slideshows, how do they make one. Well here is the basic slideshow with pure JavaScript. No frameworks are used, No chunks of codes,  Simple Slideshow with 100% pure home grown JavaScript.

Demo Download Code

Lets start with the HTML.


  • div “show ” – this is where the images are displayed [ fixed width/ height, overflow hidden]
  • div “slideHolder” – is the div that holds the slides [relative to “show”, images float left]

Here is the CSS


Slide Concept

Use the margin left property to move the slideHolder div inwards show div.  The overflowing part is hidden by the css. A timer function is used to iteratively reduce the margin left , lets call the function as slider(). A function named revert() is used to revert back the margins to its original position.

The JavaScript



Demo Download Code

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