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Server Backup to Dropbox

Server Backup to Dropbox with PHP – Curl – Dropbox API – Cron

by Clain Dsilva May 6, 2016
Here is the easiest way to backup your web server with Drobox.Most of you guys have trouble setting up a secure backup option, Backing up the files to the same saver where it is hosted is again not a reliable option, You may also have space constrains. Lets see how dropbox can sort out the [...]

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Avoid forced social signups and likes

by Clain Dsilva November 5, 2014

I just stumbled upon this website and feel really pathetic to see a forced sign up / like button, Its to be noted that you can enforceĀ  a like or social sign up but they do not actually brings you good audience. A like or thumps up comes for a good content, hiding a content […]

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